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27 Apr 2012

Wind/Water Energy System

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10 Jun 2011

HydroFlexor Breakthrough!

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David Labrecque and a team of University of Maine students (Eugene Katsman, Dan Wheeler, Nate Laspina, Eric Lovejoy, Ben Commeau and others) have developed a revolutionary, low-cost, high efficiency, vortex-driven water turbine. The energy system consists of a wing that “swims” through water like a fish following a figure-eight trajectory. Experiments show 30% efficiency at converting the energy in the water to a pumping motion. This is comparable with traditional turbines, yet hydroflexors have several advantages: They are low-cost, the mechanical systems are on the surface where they can be easily serviced and they are environmentally friendly. The system can be used in streams, rivers and tidal flows.

Utilizing vortices to propel a wing along a figure-eight trajectory is a new approach. The Flexor team encourages and will provide support to researchers who want to study this phenomenon and publish  their findings. They are also looking for established manufacturers interested in manufacturing and marketing products that utilize this new patent-pending technology. The Flexor team can provide scientific and technical assistance to research and engineer groups.

27 Sep 2010

Going beyond current wind turbine cost and size limitations!

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Flexor Energy Company is preparing to take Flexor Technology beyond the cost and size limitations of  current wind and water turbine technology. We’re now taking the technology beyond the computer simulation and lab testing stage. Look for Vertical and Horizontal Aeroflexors on campus at the University of Maine as the University Flexor Energy Club begins testing 2-4 meter prototypes outside. We’re also developing compressed air energy storage and a water version of an Aeroflexor called a Hydroflexor.

Watch the video below to see it working. For technical information, download the free Technology Overview:

Download the free Technology Overview and Applications pdf here.


7 Aug 2009

Technology Overview and Aeroflexor Sailboat

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For more information on the Aeroflexor Sailboat,  check out this

 youtube video:

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